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All About Adaptive: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Adaptive Clothing

All About Adaptive: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Adaptive Clothing

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Written and designed for visual learners in the fashion industry who want to learn about adaptive clothing but do not know how or where to start.

All About Adaptive is the ultimate digital resource designed specifically for fashion industry professionals seeking to learn about adaptive clothing, or clothes specially designed for disabled people. 

All About Adaptive will help you gain insights into:

  1. An overview of the adaptive clothing market
    • The book covers what adaptive clothing is, the adaptive clothing market size and valuation, who wears adaptive clothing, the curb-cut effect, and general principles.
  2. Different clothing accommodation types and what they serve
    • The book categorizes adaptive clothing into four different accommodation types: sensory, access, mobility, and fit accommodations. Each section briefly discusses what these accommodations are addressing. Each accommodation type’s subsection details the existing examples of garment solutions within each accommodation type.
  3. Existing adaptive clothing, accessories, and add-ons
    • Beyond adaptive clothing, the book briefly explores other forms of accessibility in fashion and dressing.
  4. Pictures from some of the leaders of this industry
    • The book includes photographs from brands pioneering the adaptive fashion space, like IZ Adaptive, MagnaReady, Billy Footwear, and Slick Chicks.

Whether you are a designer, retailer, marketer, or advocate, this comprehensive digital book is a vital tool for equipping yourself with the knowledge and insights needed to understand the landscape of the accessible clothing market.

For the best viewing experience, use Adobe Acrobat.

**All About Adaptive is an e-book, which means all content will be delivered digitally as an interactive PDF file immediately upon purchase. The file may only be downloaded once. No physical product will be delivered upon purchasing this e-book.**

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