Action Plan Creation

Our action plan creation process transforms insights from the initial assessment into a roadmap to enhance your e-commerce and brand experience related to sizing. We begin by delving deeper into your current practices with key stakeholders and benchmarking them against industry standards. From there, we develop strategic recommendations, aligning them with your resources and budget to draft a tailored plan. We collaborate closely with you to refine the plan based on your feedback. Once finalized, you will have a detailed, step-by-step plan with everything you need to optimize your sizing information, increasing conversion rates and reducing returns.
  • Price: Standard plan starts at $5000; premium plan starts at $8500
  • Details: Based on the initial assessment, we work collaboratively to develop and implement a customized action plan that fits your budget and goals.
  • Process:
      • Phase 1: Review of initial assessment, further analysis into each category, exploring previous efforts in each of the categories, and budget-conscious goal setting
      • Phase 2: Detailed strategy and action plan development and planning
      • Phase 3: Client collaboration, feedback, and finalization
  • Outcomes: 
    • You gain insights from a detailed competitive benchmarking analysis, identifying key areas for strategic improvement.
    • You receive an action plan with clear, actionable steps to enhance sizing accuracy and user experience.
    • You obtain a comprehensive implementation roadmap with specific timelines and milestones to guide your e-commerce optimization.
    • You benefit from tailored recommendations that align with your business goals, ensuring a measurable increase in conversion rates and a reduction in return rates.

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