What is Inclusive Fashion?

What is Inclusive Fashion?

Inclusive fashion and inclusivity in fashion are terms thrown around in the industry all the time. However, just because we hear it all the time doesn’t mean we all know what it means.

We’re here to explain so you have a clear understanding of what inclusive fashion is! That way, you can have a stronger foundation to have more conversations to build on it.

Inclusive fashion is fashion that includes everyone.

It sounds simple because it is! The meaning is simple, but its execution is not always as simple.

Inclusive fashion goes beyond size inclusion.
Size inclusion goes beyond a wider range of sizes. Size inclusion refers to all ranges of proportion and fit.

Inclusive fashion is fashion made to suit different sizes, shapes, races, cultures, genders, and disabilities. You may be thinking of how fashion could better serve some of these categories, or you may even be wondering how some are even relevant. We’re glad we’re getting your thinking juices flowing! (These are all things we will be writing about in future articles, so stay tuned).

Inclusive fashion means diverse representation industry-wide. If you do not feel like you are currently being represented in fashion, please help us fill out this survey here. You are not alone in this feeling. By filling out the survey, you are doing your part in making the industry more inclusive.

We’ll be posting a new WTF Weekly blog post about inclusivity (and all things related) every week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
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