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What is a Brand Diagnostic?

Our 5-step program starts with a brand inclusivity diagnostic, but what is a brand diagnostic?

A brand diagnostic is a diagnostic map that shows how inclusive (or not inclusive) your clothing brand currently is. It is a snapshot of how inclusive your brand currently is.

Once we evaluate your brand's inclusivity, it is mapped out on our proprietary diagnostic map.

We The Future of Fashion Brand Diagnostic Map. Four concentric pentagons all split into five equal parts.The graphic on the left is what the brand diagnostic is mapped out on.
Each of the five sections represents one of the five sectors of inclusivity. Each of the four layers per section represents one of the 4 C's.
As a refresher, the five sectors of inclusivity are:
  1. Disability
  2. Size
  3. Gender
  4. Racial
  5. Cultural

The 4 C's are:

  1. Clothing
  2. Community
  3. Culture
  4. Customer Experience

All brands are evaluated and mapped on this diagnostic map. However, not all brands are the same size or have the same sales channels. For this reason, we have to tailor where we pull information to analyze each brand.

For instance, the most common sources that information is pulled from include the clothing brand's social media accounts, website, online inventory, and press.**

We sift through all the information that we gather from these sources to determine how inclusive the brand is. The duration of this process depends on how far back the social media accounts date back to, how elaborate their website is, how large the brand's inventory is, and how much press the brand receives. This process can be as short as five days and can take as long as a month if there are additional sources of information such as in-store evaluations or unreleased brand content and materials. Please note that we keep in close contact with our clients throughout the process. Once we have all the necessary information, brands can be as much or as little involved as they would like.

Once we analyze and map out how inclusive a brand is, we provide:

  • A completed diagnostic map
  • A score out of 100
  • An overview summary
  • Individual analysis on:
    • Social media
    • Website
    • Online inventory
    • Press
  • Highlights of sectors where and how the brand is excelling
  • Highlights of sectors where and how the brand is underperforming
  • General advice as to how the brand can improve

All of the above will be presented to the brand over a call where the brand can ask questions. After the call, the information will be provided in a digital document that the brand can keep.

By the end of this Brand Diagnostic step, brands will be able to answer these questions:

  • Is my clothing brand inclusive?
  • What sector(s) of inclusivity does my clothing brand excel in?
  • How is my clothing brand able to excel in these sectors?
  • What sector(s) of inclusivity does my clothing brand underperform in?
  • How is my clothing brand underperforming in these sectors?


**Although these are the most common sources, we are open to pulling information from additional sources that brands provide.

It is important to note that as of right now, in-store evaluations are only available for storefronts in Manhattan, NYC.

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