About We The Future of Fashion

The Future of Fashion Is Inclusive

Creating change starts with education. Here at We The Future of Fashion, we firmly believe that to make a real impact, you need to understand the what and the how. Inclusive practices are not just theories. Inclusive practices are pragmatic, which means there are actionable steps that can be taken to implement them.

We give industry professionals the power to take real, tangible steps toward being inclusive by providing educational resources that comprehensively decode inclusivity. 


A message from the founder:

Image of Michelle Chung, the founder of We The Future of Fashion, seated in an armchair on stage. She is dressed in all black and speaking into a microphone.
My name is Michelle Chung, and I founded We The Future of Fashion. WTFofFashion, short for We The Future of Fashion, started as a passion project at the beginning of 2021. At the time, I had just finished my associate's degree in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 
My experience studying fashion design at FIT provided me with a wealth of newfound skills for which I am deeply grateful. I will forever appreciate the opportunity I had to pursue fashion design at this institution. However, my time at FIT also revealed the shortcomings of the fashion industry, which in turn ignited my determination to be a catalyst for industrial change. My passion for driving change in the industry quickly surpassed my initial desire to create clothing.
As I continued to get my bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship, I focused on learning and researching what fashion inclusivity means and what it looks like. I started making videos on TikTok, sharing little snippets of my findings while surveying viewers' responses.
Clients began approaching me after finding me on TikTok, inquiring about my consulting services. Although I initially hesitated due to my lack of consulting experience, I eventually agreed. TikTok continued to draw more attention, resulting in additional consulting requests. Over time, I realized that I may need to take a break from consulting to find better and more effective ways to serve more people. I am no longer taking on any new consulting clients as I want to focus on creating more educational resources to serve more people and catalyze the industrial change I want to create. 
Thank you to all my former clients and everyone who has been a part of this journey. As one chapter of We The Future of Fashion closes, another one begins. I am incredibly excited and honored to share all these changes with you.
October 6, 2023